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What is OCTO?

To make connectivity easier and more efficient for the tours, activities, attractions and experiences sector of travel and tourism while improving the customer journey.

OCTO does this by developing and administering technical messaging standards for technology and software serving the industry, and by advancing the adoption of those standards by industry participants.

Our Mission

The OCTO Specification is open source

The OCTO Specification is provided to the industry as open source so as to remove some of the commercial and technical barriers associate with adopting a new standard. Any organization is free to use the specification to create their own APIs at no cost and with no obligation to OCTO.

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Board of directors

Caitlin Montgomery

360 Chicago

Carrie Keplinger

Virgin Experience Gifts

Christian Watts


Douglas Quinby


Nastassia Welter

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Oliver Morgan


Oscar Bruening


Stephen Oddo

Walks & Devour Tours

Tom Chiarella

Gateway Ticketing

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OCTO Releases Open Specification API for Travel Experiences

The non-profit industry association has officially released its messaging specification and supporting documentation for the tour, activities, and attractions industry

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OCTO is a Year Old and Growing

OCTO is a year old and growing. Where are we at with connectivity standards in the experiences industry, and where are we going? An update from OCTO’s Executive Director

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OCTO to Advance Technical Connectivity Standards for Tours, Activities & Attractions

The new, non-profit industry association aims to make technical connectivity for creators and sellers in the travel experiences sector easier and more efficient

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Operation OCTO Unites Tours and Attractions Sector

New association seeks to connect the "incredibly fragmented" systems in the travel activities space

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The Potential of Connectivity Standards for Experiences

Every industry that relies on connectivity, whether physical or digital, requires standards. So why did it take so long for the experiences sector to finally come to terms with the need for them? To travel industry insider, the path will look familiar.

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OCTO is a not for profit member based organization that derives its income from membership dues paid by member busineses.  OCTO is not funded by or managed by any one single entity.


OCTO is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the membership. The Directors are responsible for ensuring the organization is working in the best interests of all members.


OCTO is committed to providing the industry with complete transparency when it comes to the creation, maintenance, and release of the specification.

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