What we do

The OCTO standards help operators, reservation technology companies, distributors, and everything in between to connect to each other easily and efficiently but providing an API specification that can be used as a template for new API connections or as an add-on to an existing API.


OCTO is an independent organization not affiliated with any company or group of companies. The organization is administered and managed by a group of volunteers from the tours, activities, attractions and experiences sector and shall not have any commercial alignment or affiliation with any companies in the industry.


OCTO is an impartial industry association that seeks to advance the industry as a whole and is committed to impartiality and the best interests of all industry segments and participating organizations as well as our collective customers.


OCTO is a not-for-profit organization committed to openness and transparency. The organization’s budget shall be made public, as will the minutes of all board and committee meetings. Transparency will be crucial to maintain the trust of members and the industry at large, and so that members can have confidence that OCTO is using its resources wisely to achieve its mission.

How we do it

The process of developing standards requires participation from a committed community of individuals.  It starts with operators sharing their requirements, the specifications team translating those needs into specifications, and the oversight of the OCTO Board of Directors.

Industry Proposal

Members prepare a proposal for a new or updated capability and can submit those proposals to the Specification committee for consideration and eventual approval and publication.
Specification Committee

Once submitted to the Specification Committee, a proposal is reviewed and discussed in detail. The specification committee is responsible for ensuring that the proposal meets industry requirements and addresses appropriate use cases.
Member & Public Commenting

Once approved by the Specification Committee for further consideration, the proposal is published as a draft document and released to Members for period of review and commenting. Once complete, the draft is made available to the general public for further commenting and review.
Board of Director Approval and Publication

Once the specification has been reviewed and commented by the Members and General Public, the Specification Committee prepares the specification for publication. The proposed draft capability is then presented to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, the specification is published as an OCTO specification.

What members get from joining


As an OCTO member you have direct input into the specification and how it is developed. You also have the ability to submit proposals to the specification committee for consideration.


You have access to a community of like minded technologists and businesses who are looking to simplify distribution for tours, activities, and attractions.


You get support from a group of volunteers who have integrated OCTO before and are available to assist you and your team as you progress through your OCTO journey.

Code of conduct

Members of OCTO are in some cases competitors and in some cases partners.  As an industry trade association it is our goal to ensure that all members, regardless of their commercial relationships are comfortable collaborating and cooperating to ensure the goals of OCTO are achieve.  To that end, all members are bound by the OCTO Code of Conduct which outlines every member's responsibility to fairness.

See full code of conduct


Want to know more about how OCTO is run, it's structure, and the rules by which it operates? Take a look at the Bylaws that govern OCTO.

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